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Post  TrevoriuS on Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:03 am

[Suicidal Industrial]Diagnose:Lebensgehahr - Transformalin Diagnose%20Lebensgefahr%20-%20Transformalin

Artist ...... : Diagnose:Lebensgefahr
Title ....... : Transformalin
Label ....... : Self released, later re-released by Autopsy Kitchen Records, Ominous recordings and Basilisk Productions (all sold-out)
Genre .......: Suicidal, Industrial, Electronic
Released ...: 2006
Source ......: WEB
Quality ..... : 44.1KHz / Full Stereo

Ex-silencer vocalist Nattramn went on with this project, although it was just this album ever to be released under this name. The album was composed by a mind that is deranged and suicidal, but also considers itself beyond human. Liberated from humanity and society, but bound by it to an impossible way of life for simply... a different being. The insanity (but not madness) of Nattramn lead him to a psychologic institution, from where he composed this music as part of his rehab, but mostly to give psychologists a clue of what and how he thinks. The music is instensely restless while still slow, which is what you get when a conscious mind is put in a sterile environment. Imprisonment without anything to be kept busy, except occasional interviews and interrogations.

It is a state of boredom and a hate for life. Bursts of suicidal emotions occur within the music, as well as thoughts of the outside world sometimes. Nattramn was initially put under care in the Växjo psychological institution in Sweden, but escaped with as only motivation to die. Incapable of suicide, he assaulted children with as only mindset to get shot by the police. Wandering to them begging for them to kill him is how he was recaptured and put back into the institution. Five years later this album was released, and another year after that redistributed by a now free Nattramn, further exploring the next generation of humanity.



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[Suicidal Industrial]Diagnose:Lebensgehahr - Transformalin Empty Re: [Suicidal Industrial]Diagnose:Lebensgehahr - Transformalin

Post  Sknw___ on Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:04 am

Phat thank you!

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