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Post  TrevoriuS on Sat Jan 02, 2010 6:05 pm

A sound enriched 2010 everyone!
Here's my top 10 from the previous year, that I can certainly recommend you to listen to entirely.
01. Clark - Totems flare
This is number one, and undoubtedly awesome, without further comments necessary.

02. Psyclon nine - We the fallen
I've not for long been listening to industrial music, and this to me seems to be a somewhat heavier variant, one which I definately enjoy at times. Dark atmosphere and raw electronic drums define Psyclon nine and more accurately this album. Atmospheric synths covered up with heavy rithm and noisily grunted vocals blended together into a pleasing sound is what you'll find most on this album. This is music not just for the headbanger, but also for the type that might like IDM, breakcore or drum 'n bass.

03. The dead normality - Kiling reality
So I was sitting in the bar with some friends, and suddenly there was a live show starting out. Odd about this bar is that their live shows most commonly yield slam and brutal death metal, whereas the music normally played is classic rock and emo. So the public didn't go wild, but I did. A band just starting out, and I'm lucky to have found them right there I suppose. Brutal chants about soldiers in the second world war, carried by not too agressive but rather fast paced metal.

04. Retrigger - Ornitorrinco Voador
Space invader sounds and ska best define Ornitorrinco Voador, an album produced by Cock Rock Disco; generally a breakcore label holding artists like Duran Duran Duran, Drumcorps, Ladyscraper, About and Otto von Schirach. This is something compltely different. The intro is completely spaced out, giving deep tones and odd noises; and this all is revisited halfway through, where there's a tone change into something a bit more heavy. Distorted guitars and breakbeats suddenly become more common, but the global content of this album is blended together very well, and still amazingly varied.

05. Bibio - The apple and the tooth
The first (title) track of this album, immediately displays the level of this music. A brilliant introduction, that keeps up all the way to the end. Lots of mixes in this album, of which some (I'd name Sugarette and Lovers' Carvings) are beyond the genre of the actual music and are taking it further into an even more interesting level.

06. Herv - Not Figuratively, but Literally in Love with music
Strange noise, suddenly a breakbeat kicks in, and restlessly it continues as calming piano tunes come across. Suddenly it all stops and the piano plays a little more, just to end the first song of this album from Herv. It's got a down tone to it, but denies that so hard it's mostly happy music. Simple club beats or complex breakcore, combined with electronic melodies finish this album to what it is. I must define this a personal favorite for it's ability to carry your mind all the way through this distorting music.

07. Engaged in mutilating - Population: Zero
Brutal death metal. Slamming guitars, with seemingly complex rythm at times. It's a sound I can really enjoy, and this one's well balanced and executed nicely. It's one of those few brutal death and slam death bands of the maybe fifty to hundred I came across this year that I must actually define good!

08. Nile - Those Whom The Gods Detest
Nile is typically fast and well made death metal with an egyptian theme in case you don't konw them yet. What I liked on this is how it expands the spectrum of sound based upon the layers of instruments. It immediately starts off with a rather low noise, but the vocals are the exact same; so at the moment these kick in, the guitar raises up, and the drums tone down. Then variably the voice goes a bit higher making the guitar fill in the average tones, or the voice goes even lower than the drums, making place for the guitar to have freedom. It has some uniqueness to it, like all nile albums, which also kept this band interesting for as long as they have been making music; raising the bar for themselves every time.

09. The whitest boy alive - Rules
Enjoyable bass, electronic tunes, and music that sticks to your brain. Very pleasing to listen to and calming. The whitest boy alive is consistent music, and it's very accessible IDM and I can only deem it likely that you love it.

10. The netherlands - We are not
Review following in it's own topic when I have time for that


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