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Post  Sknw___ on Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:34 am

Clogs are a mostly instrumental project led by Bryce Dessner and Australia’s Padma Newsome, both men familiar from their membership in the acclaimed rock band, The National. But don’t call Clogs a side project. Their existence predates The National, and Clogs have released four widely acclaimed albums — a highly melodic debut Thom’s Night Out, then the experimental polyphonies of Lullaby For Sue, the minimalist explorations of Stick Music and 2005’s Lantern.

[Experimental] Clogs - Discography Clogs

Click Album names:

- Lantern (2006)

- Stick Music (2004)

- Lullaby for Sue (2003)

- Thom’s Night Out (2001)


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