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[MF] DJ Kicks Chromeo + DJ Kicks Four Tet Empty [MF] DJ Kicks Chromeo + DJ Kicks Four Tet

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[MF] DJ Kicks Chromeo + DJ Kicks Four Tet Chromeo-dj-kicksK7247CD_cover_sm-500x500

Track listing

"Ikeya-Seki" - Kano
"J'aime danser avec toi" - Pierre Perpall
"Moving Up" - Toba
"Gonna Get Over You" - France Joli
"Serious" - Donna Allen
"Maybe Tonight" - Lovelock
"Solar Antapex" - Chateau Marmont
"Seduction" - Val Young
"Larmes de métal" - Soupir
"Sequencer" - Lifelike
"Time to Move" - Carmen
"Don't You Wanna Make Love" - Shotgun
"Murphy's Law" - Chéri
"Easy to Love" - Leo Sayer
"Luckier" - Shazam
"I Can't Tell You Why (DJ Kicks)" - Chromeo
"Dans tes yeux" - Diane Tell
"Pipeline" - The Alan Parsons Project

[MF] DJ Kicks Chromeo + DJ Kicks Four Tet FourTetDJKicks_albumcover

Track listing

David Behrman - "Leapday night (scene 1)"
Syclops - "Mom, the video broke"
Curtis Mayfield - "If I were only a child again"
Heiner Stadler - "Out-rock"
Gary Davis - "The Professor Here"
Heldon - "Les soucoupes volantes vertes"
Stereolab - "Les yper sound"
So Solid Crew - "Dilemma"
Akufen - "Psychometry 3.2"
Animal Collective - "Baby day"
Madvillain - "Figaro (st101 remix)"
Julian Priester + Pepo Mtoto - "Love, love"
Four Tet - "Pockets"
Model 500 - "Psychosomatic"
Shona People of Rhodesia - "Taireva"
Quickspace Supersport - "Superspace"
Cabaret Voltaire - "Kneel to the boss"
Gong - "Love is how y make it"
Showbiz & AG - "Represent"
Group Home - "Up against the wall (getaway car mix)"
Autechre - "Flutter"

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