Du Levande (You The Living)

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Du Levande (You The Living) Empty Du Levande (You The Living)

Post  Sknw___ on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:56 pm

Du Levande (You The Living) Du_levande_movie_Poster

A swedish movie from 2007 I recently dug up in one of the local stores. I was wondering what poetry and swedish would bring me, and to my big suprise it brought me laughter and self-confrontation.

Du Levande is a movie build up from 57 short scene's. All of these scene's are scoped out to an extreme, but without losing the aspect of self recognition.
Throughout this 97 minutes(?) long movie, I didn't want to miss any of the anti-climatic action, the daily dialogue and the preposterous types.

All I can say about this movie is; watch it, and don't forget to hold up the mirror wit your personal life.


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